What People Want Most In Relationship

what people want in relationships

People usually want specific things in the form of any physical or emotional satisfaction. The bottom line is that our wants are unique. Unfortunately it many of us get what we want from our relationships and that may cause some problems.

We will look at some of the most important things people want according to therapists and also provide the answers to anyone looking for a relationship with all the features they want.

What Women Want In a Relationship

Because men and women value different things in a relationship, we will look at them separately. First of all, let’s look at what the ladies want:

  • Women want a gentle relationship. This means their significant other doesn’t always have to be imposing on them.
  • In order for a relationship to work, women believe they need attention. Many ladies out there want their partner to show them that they care and focus on them so one of the best way of showing it.
  • A relationship without love can’t be considered a healthy one at all. Many women need dedicated men who will not only say they love them but put their words into action.
  • Women are also looking for a relationship that is based on dedication. This means all important features of the relationship should be remembered and both parties should play a role in making the relationship work.
  • Ladies don’t want to be in a relationship where they feel unimportant or underappreciated.

What Men Want In a Relationship

It is very important to remember that not men also share some wants with women. Let us look at some of the things men look for in a relationship:

  • Men are always looking for some approval from their significant other. They always want to impress their significant other and that is just part of their nature.
  • Men value sex as a way of forming a stronger bond than women do. This means that sex is probably going on their list of relationships wants.
  • Many women value their space but men want it more than women do. This simply means that men don’t want to be around their significant other 24/7 and need time alone or with their friends. A relationship that offers space is ideal in their books.
  • Because of their dominating nature, many men also want respect out of a relationship. In many cases, it plays an important role in showing affection for them.
  • Apart from sex, men also want a partner who can offer a non-sexual physical touch. This shows that physical intimacy doesn’t always have to be sexual.

How to Get What You Want From Your Relationship

So, we have looked at what people look for the most in relationships. The questions remain, how do you find exactly what you want in a relationship? Well, have you ever considered using a dating service?

Single women and men are becoming more open to online dating and for good reasons. Nowadays you can find a woman online by signing up for an online dating service. Just create your own profile on the online dating site and you are set to meet as many local singles as you want.

So, how can a dating site get you what you want? Well, dating sites can give you the opportunity to know many local singles. By talking to several individuals, you can find which single girl or guy has similar values which will help you find a great relationship.

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