Best Breakup Songs of 2019 to Get You Through the End of a Relationship

songs to get through a breakup in 2019

A break up can be a very difficult emotional process and of course, you want to get over it as fast as possible. Some people get over breakups faster than others, some may be looking for singles on an online dating site within a few days. While talking about the breakup may be helpful, some people may find it cheesy. This is true, especially for those who are not willing to talk about the end of the relationship even if it was on an online dating service.

The best alternative is music. Music can see you through your break up and even page a way for your dating life to begin again. All you need to do is find the right song. So how does music help you through a heartbreak?

  • It helps to realize that you are not the only one feeling like that
  • Music empowers you and helps you vent out your frustration
  • It helps you heal so you can start dating again

Top 6 Songs That Will Help You Get Through a Breakup

While there’s no guarantee that listening to these songs will heal your broken heart, they will soothe it and make you feel better.

1. Thank you, next, Ariana Grande

Even things didn’t end up how she thought it should, Ariana still manages to move on. The most important message is to be happy with yourself because even though people may come in your life, what you think of yourself matters the most. You can date on a dating site, just remember to love yourself first.

2. Heal me, Grace Carter

At the beginning of a breakup, you may feel like only your ex can make you feel good again. This song will give you the confidence to say “no, I don’t need you, and yes, I will get through this heartbreak without you”.

3. Let me down slowly, Alec Benjamin and Alessia Cara

Breakups can be very hard to handle. Sometimes you know that it’s just a matter of time before things fall apart. All you need is for your partner to let you go slowly and not at once.

4. Dancing with a stranger, Sam Smith, and Normani

This song beautiful represents finding some peace after a breakup. Even though the peace only lasts a short time, sometimes it’s what you need especially when you feel lonely. You can look for other people on an online dating service just to remove the feeling of loneliness.

5. Trust my lonely, Alessia Cara

Sometimes all you need is to cut out the negative people in your life. This uplifting melody gives you the strength to stop going back to an ex who will only keep breaking your heart. You are better off on your own.

6. She ain’t me, Sophia Scott

This song is perfect especially when it seems like your ex has moved on so fast. You feel uplifted knowing that even though your ex is quick to find a woman, the other person will never be like you. You are unique and irreplaceable.

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